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Ease of Qualifying

GMG USA Bridge Lending is not here to compete with traditional bank lending. We are realistic, pragmatic and efficient. Our qualification criteria is focused on the value of the asset and the eventual exit.

GMG looks at the transaction holistically from inception to eventual exit. Our experienced U.S. real estate bridge lending team works with our clients throughout the process which include the bridge loan and the exit loan if required. We want to make sure all of GMG’s clients exit their loan in a positive situation.

Learn more about the features and criteria for U.S. bridging loans on our comprehensive FAQ page.

High Loan–To–Value (LTV)

Although each transaction is different, on average GMG US Bridge Lending can obtain a very high loan to value (LTV) of up to 80% backed by private residential and commercial real estate, including luxury homes, condominiums, hotel buildings, new developments, land, apartment complexes and shopping malls. 

Read real life examples of how our clients have successfully used a U.S. bridging loan.

Fast & Reliable Funding

Our analysts handle each case individually completing a detailed deal sheet within 24 hours after the initial conversation. That deal sheet is then confidentially share with our team members globally. We then analyse the funding options both onshore and offshore to propose the best solution for our clients. Having access to multiple lenders offering a uniqueness few companies can compete with. It’s very possible the “right” funding solution is onshore, however, having a variety of asset based lending partners provides our clients with the service, connectivity and execution we pride ourselves on. Normally we can have your U.S. bridging loan approved within 48 hours & funded in as quickly as three to ten days.

Read about GMG here and learn more in this interview with our founders.

Simple Application Process

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Schedule a 15-minute phone call to find out if a U.S. bridging loan is right for you.

Select Lender

Pick the most suitable loan option. Approval as fast as 24 hours.


Complete remaining documentation and sign loan agreement.


Receive funds as soon as three days after you begin your U.S. bridging loan application.

Your assets are more than collateral
They are your success story

At Global Mortgage Group (GMG), we don’t look at asset based real estate lending the way others do. We take a global approach to all transactions using our extensive network of lending partners.

Our global real estate asset-based lending team advises on innovative ways to “bridge” personal, private and corporate borrowers and global financial institutions across the full range of asset-based lending (ABL) matters including high value residential, commercial and project based real estate, cannabis, share & crypto financing, aviation, vessel, etc.

Founded and headquartered in Singapore, with representation around the world, Global Mortgage Group (GMG) has developed a diverse platform of lending solutions for clients with Asset Based Lending requirements. With an in-house lending advisory team backed by reliable funding relationships with numerous local, regional, and global funding partners, GMG is well positioned to assist your financing request.

Our Recent Deals

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